Nowhere Else to Turn

The Fellowship  |  February 6, 2017

Elderly Jewish woman looking off to the side as she sits in a red and beige decorated room.

“Our lives began with war, and they are ending with war.”

As children during WWII, Bella and Alexander were forced to flee their hometown of Donetsk, Ukraine, to escape the Nazis. And last summer they became refugees once again as fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists escalated all around them.

“One day, Alexander had to go out for a doctor’s appointment,” Bella recalls, “Suddenly I heard an awful noise – military jets flying low, bombing. I hid in a utility closet for hours until the bombing stopped.”

Bella, now 78, and Alexander fled the fighting to seek shelter wherever they could find it. Since they were unable to bring any essential belongings, they were left with nothing.

“We wouldn’t survive without The Fellowship,” Alexander says. “They help us not only materially, but also emotionally. We didn’t know anyone, and they helped us as if we were family.”

Through the Isaiah 58 ministry effort of The Fellowship, Bella and Alexander receive food, critical medicines, warm winter clothes, and other basic essentials.

With your help, this lifesaving work is fulfilling the biblical mandate to “Share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood” (Isaiah 58:7).

That is why we ask you to join us today through a monthly gift to The Fellowship. Monthly giving provides the sustainable funds and certainty we need to respond to thousands more vulnerable Jews who desperately need our help.

This gift of love and compassion through our Isaiah 58 program will provide tens of thousands of impoverished elderly Jews—including Holocaust survivors like Bella and Alexander—with the food and clothing they need to survive every month of the year.

Please give your very best gift today and prayerfully consider making a regular monthly commitment to help these who have nowhere else to turn. It really is the best way to support this effort.

It is up to us to provide care, love, and compassion to impoverished Jews who have suffered far too much already.