A Needy Holocaust Survivor Can Finally Celebrate

 |  January 22, 2016

Elderly Jewish woman looking straight ahead in a blue sweater.

Sofiya was just a child when the Nazis invaded her homeland of Ukraine. She and her mother were evacuated to Tajikistan, where Sofiya became heartbroken when her mother passed away soon after. Sofiya was left running for her life during wartime all by herself, but because of Fellowship friends like you, a Holocaust Survivor in need can observe holidays such as Passover and survive their final years with dignity.

Following the war, a devastated Sofiya was reunited with her father, who had been wounded fighting the Nazis. Slowly, she rebuilt her life, and she eventually attended college, married, and found work as a librarian.

Today, Sofiya is once again all alone to face her troubles. She lives alone in a small, one-room apartment, suffering from arthritis and heart problems. Her meager pension is not nearly enough to make ends meet.

Thankfully, a Holocaust survivor in need like Sofiya has The Fellowship, which provides her with food and subsidized medicine. Before Passover, we also gave Sofiya a package of matzah so she can observe the sacred holiday as the Bible instructs. “I am so grateful to The Fellowship that I can celebrate Passover according to Jewish tradition,” she said. “The Fellowship is my daily help and assistance.”

Tragically, there are countless other Jews in desperate need throughout Israel and the former Soviet Union, especially war-torn Ukraine, who need our help to survive every day and who are especially moved to be remembered. With your generous support of our lifesaving outreach, we can be their daily help and assistance as well.