More Than a Blessing of Food

 |  December 30, 2019

Woman with her hand on her forehead while looking down.

Elderly, blind, and unable to take care of herself, Edna is completely alone.

When we visited Edna in her sparse apartment near the Gaza border, she had only water, a cucumber, and a loaf of bread in her kitchen. Edna is far too frail to go to the grocery store just around the corner. And if she could go out, she has no money with which to buy food.

Our Fellowship staff immediately went to the supermarket and filled a shopping cart full of groceries and other essentials.

When they returned, Edna was in disbelief. She tried very hard to refuse the gifts. But when they told her about the kindness of Christians and Jews in America who give of themselves to care for her, she accepted, but cried and kept begging them to take some of the food to others in need.

Today, The Fellowship’s generous donors make sure that Edna has proper in-home care, weekly visits, food, and other essentials. These basic necessities for survival are all ongoing needs. And many of our donors make monthly gifts to ensure we can sustain and grow our effort to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

Sadly, Edna is one of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable elderly who live in isolation with no one to visit them and no one to share dinner with — if they even have food on the table at all!

Your monthly gift today means The Fellowship can respond to more calls for help by providing people like Edna with much-needed food, warm clothing and blankets, critical medicines, and assistance with heating costs.

This ongoing support is a life-changing blessing to the most vulnerable among elderly and Holocaust survivors living in Israel and the former Soviet Union.

For many, survival amid the damp bitterness of winter is an ongoing struggle. Please join with us – while we still have time to reach them – by becoming a Friend of The Fellowship monthly donor today.

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