Lonely No Longer

 |  November 24, 2020

Viktor, lonely 90 year old Jewish man in Kazakhstan

Viktor used to have a full life – a loving wife, two children, a job as an engineer. But then everything changed. Alone and blind, the 90-year-old Jewish man now lives a lonely life much different than the one he used to know.

The decline began without Viktor even realizing it. Working in uranium mines in the then-Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, Viktor didn’t know the health risks of his occupation at the time. But the radioactive years soon caught up with him. Surgery cost him his sight and part of a lung and illness kept him confined to the hospital for four years.

As Viktor fought for his life, his beloved son died in a tragic car accident. The pain of losing a son and caring for a sick spouse proved too much for Viktor’s wife, and she left.

As the lonely old man dealt with the darkest time of his life, life took a turn for the better… because of The Fellowship and our faithful friends.

Thanks to friends like you, Viktor is no longer lonely. A Fellowship homecare helps each day with cleaning and cooking, with taking the correct medications, and with conversation and care. Viktor looks forward to these visits, which break up the silent stretches of days in his lonely one-room apartment.

And despite his age and poor health, Viktor’s independent spirit has returned. He tends to his miniature cactus garden, and with tears in his blind eyes, thanks Christian friends around the world: “I couldn’t manage without you.”

As the holidays near, you can show a lonely and elderly Jewish person in Israel or elsewhere around the world know they are not alone with your special gift today.