Listen to Your Heart

The Fellowship  |  August 25, 2019

Elderly Jewish woman coming out of a white building while using a stick to help her walk.

Moments around the High Holy Days are emotional and personal for a Jewish person—it is not just a random holiday. And being unable to properly celebrate with traditional foods and other items make them feel insignificant and disconnected from God.

As families are anticipating the Jewish New Year, tragically, far too many in Israel and the Former Soviet Union are suffering in poverty. It’s a time that should be full of joy and sacred celebrations, but they’re struggling just to get by.

The good news is, you can directly help someone in dire need today, like Maria.

Maria was born in 1939 in Lininsky, Ukraine. As a young girl, her village was a quiet Jewish community until the Nazis violently ravaged the entire town. She was just two years old as she, her mother, and grandparents hid in the basement to escape the evil attack. Her father was taken and lost forever.

Today, Maria is completely alone and struggles financially. She cannot fully support herself, and most of the meager pension she receives goes to cover critical medicines.

The devastating truth is that without your help, Maria may not survive.

Maria and other impoverished Jews like her in the former Soviet Union do not have enough food to live on, let alone the traditional foods to properly celebrate this sacred season of the High Holy Days with dignity.

Please listen to your heart, and act right now to help these precious souls who are in dire need. Your gift will be an answer to prayer for an elderly Jew like Maria and help provide nourishing food for the destitute.

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