Like Air to Breathe

The Fellowship  |  December 4, 2019

Elderly woman in Israel receiving assistance from a medical professional thanks to donations to IFCJ

It’s so incredibly tragic when people who suffered as children suffer once again in their old age. But it’s so beautiful when kindhearted people act like God’s hands and feet and reach out to help them.

Show Holocaust survivors like Nina that you have not forsaken them.

Your faithful generosity and prayers can keep her alive
and allow her to live out the rest of her life in dignity.

Nina’s life began in tragedy. She was just a small child living in Russia when World War II broke out. She and her family were forced to flee to a distant town. For years, Nina hid from the horrors of the Holocaust, terrified the Nazis would find her and her family.

Her entire childhood was marked by fear and scarcity, something difficult to imagine ever fully recovering from.

After the war, Nina went on to build a career and a family — but her life was always overshadowed by anti-Semitism. Finally, Nina and her husband felt called by God to make aliyah, immigrating to the Holy Land.

Even though Nina finally felt safe, her trials were not over. She had a bad fall that broke her hip and caused enormous pain for years. Then she developed several diseases, including Parkinson’s.

And, sadly, she was widowed — leaving her all alone in a tiny, barren apartment.

Now in her twilight years, Nina is barely getting by. She’s so careful with every penny. She doesn’t buy anything that isn’t absolutely essential for her survival. If all she had was her tiny pension, she wouldn’t be able to afford even the basic necessities of life.

We’re so glad Nina has Fellowship friends who are like God’s hands and feet. Every month, Nina receives support from The Fellowship, only possible because of this lovingkindness. Without this support, she wouldn’t be able to afford enough food to eat. She might even starve.

With tears of gratitude in her eyes, she tells us the support she receives from Christians is like “air to breathe.”

Nina is one of the few survivors we have left. We are thankful for Fellowship friends like you who help her live out the rest of her years in dignity.

Your support can provide elderly Jews like Nina the basic essentials needed for survival, including food, medicine, heating fuel, firewood, and shelter, as well as a loving homecare worker who cares for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The Christian Bible says to “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need” (Romans 12:13).

You can be God’s hands and feet and give your best gift today as God leads to provide a warm meal, a caring embrace, and the essentials of life for an isolated elderly Jewish person in need.