Leah: Guardians of Israel are an Answer to Prayers

 |  February 8, 2016

Middle aged woman in a black hat soft smiling at the camera.

Leah, a 42-year-old single mom, had nowhere to turn. Five years ago when she was diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease, her husband left the country — and she hasn’t heard from him since. Her parents aren’t living and she’s an only child, so there was no one to help her raise her two children, now 8 and 10.

The week after her husband left, Leah began cleaning homes for a living. It was physically difficult work for a woman with her health problems, and it didn’t bring in enough money to cover her family’s bills. One year later, she and her kids got evicted from their apartment.

“I packed a backpack for each of my kids and one for myself, then we left our home for the unknown,” Leah recalls. “The first night we slept in the park. I cried the whole night, begging God for help. He was the only place I had to turn. I envisioned dying from my illnesses and leaving my children to sleep alone on the streets. I was torn — if I bought my medicine, then my children wouldn’t have food. I was terrified.”

When Leah heard about a local organization called Yad b’Yad funded by The Fellowship‘s Guardians of Israel program, she immediately sought their help. “They let us sleep in their warehouse for a week and provided us with food, beds, blankets, and pillows until they found us a public housing option,” she says. “They worked out all of the details, and we just moved in. It was God’s answer to my prayers, and our first light of hope.” Working through Yad b’Yad, Guardians of Israel also provided Leah and her children with a sofa, beds, a refrigerator, an oven, a stove, and desks, as well as weekly food boxes until they got back on their feet.

Today Leah works full-time as a secretary, her children are in school, and the family is financially independent. “The Fellowship‘s Guardians of Israel program gave me a new chance at life by giving us hope, love, and support,” Leah says. “I am happy, and I thank you for everything.” She prays that God blesses all who offer support and prayers to The Fellowship.

We all experience difficult times in our lives and we all know what it means to need a helping hand. Please give to Guardians of Israel today to offer a helping hand to struggling families in Israel, like Leah’s.