His Heartbreaking First Words

 |  September 1, 2018

Ukrainian child of war

Reflecting on the ministry challenges we’ve overcome together this year, we feel incredibly grateful for you. Your support has truly saved lives, including this child of war, and we trust in the promise that God will bless you for blessing the Jewish people.

Your friendship is one of God’s wonderful gifts to The Fellowship and to those we serve around the world. Right now, we need to ask you to help little Fiodor, who desperately needs a friend like you. He is crying out for someone who can rush food and other essentials to him right now.

Poor, innocent Fiodor has seen far too much tragedy in the first two years of his life. Born as a child of war in a war zone in Ukraine, his mother sadly recalls his first words – “tanks,” “bomb,” and “boom.”

Forced to flee their home, Fidor’s family was left with nothing but distant memories of a once-peaceful life. The Fellowship relies on you and other sacrificial and generous partners to offer prayers and provisions for people like them.

Please give as generously as God leads to help rush life-sustaining food to to a Jewish child of war and elderly in need.

Precious orphans, destitute families, and lonely Holocaust survivors are depending on us to be the hands and feet of God. Share your gift of love today, before it’s too late.