Help Get Them Home

Ana Hobson  |  November 21, 2016

elderly woman on wings of eagles freedom flight

Our Jewish brothers and sisters are in CRISIS.

Homes and businesses are being vandalized, and areas of eastern Ukraine are burned to the ground.

Elderly Holocaust survivors are being threatened by their anti-Semitic neighbors.

Children are experiencing severe trauma because of ongoing violent attacks.

We must stand together in solidarity and raise our voices to shout, “WE WILL NOT STAND IDLY BY!”

The Fellowship’s staff has received THOUSANDS of requests from desperate Jews throughout eastern Ukraine, France, and Arab lands to come home to Israel and escape this nightmare!

Hundreds of Ukrainian Jews continue to pour into The Fellowship’s refugee centers, anxiously awaiting their opportunity to escape the devastation by making aliyah to the Holy Land.

With your lifesaving gift, you will help ensure that these suffering souls have a ticket booked for their flight home!

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