Help for a Jerusalem Mom

The Fellowship  |  October 18, 2016

An elderly Jewish woman and Yael Eckstein carrying an IFCJ food box together.

How would you feel if you could not afford basic food for your children?

That is the struggle Shula fights alone every day. She tries as best she can to take care of her four young children. She has worked many odd jobs, sometimes two a day. Sadly, there is not enough money to feed her family. Her children go to school without a lunch. Shula gives what little food she has to her children and goes to bed with the pain of hunger.

When a close friend told Shula about a Fellowship-sponsored soup kitchen nearby in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem, Shula immediately went to see if she could find help.

Now, she visits the soup kitchen regularly and has found the help she and her family desperately need to live.

“Two or three times a week I come to this soup kitchen to take home food. This serves as my lunch and also lunch for the kids at school the next day.”

In Hebrew, the word “chai” means “life” and represents being alive. It is a word that signifies hope. It is in this spirit of chai that many single mothers like Shula have received gifts of lifesaving support for their families.

That is why we ask you to give your very best chai gift today to help the most vulnerable among the Jewish people. Each gift will go to help supply much-needed food, clothing, critical medicines, and other basic necessities for needy Jews in Israel and around the world.

And with an ongoing monthly gift of “chai,” The Fellowship is able to reach even more vulnerable Jewish families like Shula’s. As the Lord leads, please give your most generous gift today.

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