Help Care for Hidden Terror Victims!

 |  January 28, 2016

Several medics helping a person on a stretcher.

An eerie silence hangs heavily over the streets of Jerusalem. Sadly, it is not a soft quiet born out of peace, but rather a dense darkness brought about by constant fear of becoming terror victims!

The stark terror of dozens of vicious and bloody assaults on innocent people are taking a terrible toll across Israel – and The Fellowship is responding with critical aid both to direct victims …

…and to the horror’s “hidden” sufferers.

These are the elderly, the single mothers with young families, and other easy targets in Jerusalem who rightfully fear for their lives and sit immobilized behind locked doors, even as their personal needs – including food and medicine – mount daily!

One of these “hidden terror victims” is Nina, a 76-year-old Jewish widow. Although partially immobile, Nina is able to board a city bus for the grocery store where she uses a Fellowship food card to select her monthly supplies.

Yet, after witnessing a gruesome knife attack on a nearby bus, Nina understandably has been paralyzed with fear. As a result, she called us in tears, saying, “I’m afraid to leave my apartment, and I have no food. Will you please help me?”

In response, we quickly arranged for a brave volunteer to take her groceries, along with a promise to check in on her frequently!

And as the list of the killed, injured, and needy continues to grow, I urge you to rush your gift of care for Israel’s direct terror victims, as well as those Hidden Victims trapped in fear.