Forgotten No More

The Fellowship  |  July 15, 2020

Forgotten family from Ukraine
Left to right: Diana Panchenko, Angelina Panchenko, Viktoria Panchenko, Evgeny Panchenko Four children, three sisters and one brother, sitting on bench, young girl, red shirt, pigtails, young girl, pink and white striped shirt, smiling, head tilted, hands crossed, young girl, green shirt, young boy, yellow shirt

In a remote and forgotten region of Ukraine sits a tumbledown hut, a dwelling not registered to any village that still exists.

And in this falling-down, forgotten house – it surely can’t be called a home – lives a Jewish family forgotten by the world.

Fourteen-year-old Diana suffers from a severe heart condition, which since it is untreated, has left her small and frail, looking much younger than the young woman she is.

Vitaly, only 13, also suffers from a congenital heart defect. But as skinny and unhealthy as the boy is, he still must work like a man on dangerous construction sites to provide for his family.

The older children have four younger siblings, as well – 10, 7, 3, and an infant of six months – each of whom have severe health issues which have never been treated.

Each of these six precious Jewish children, alone in unimaginable poverty. Each of these precious Jewish children, unaware of the God who loves them, who sees them as His chosen people. This precious Jewish family, forgotten…

…until faithful Fellowship friends came along and helped change – and save – their lives.

A Fellowship-supported children’s rehabilitation program in Ukraine is now caring for all six of the children.

When they arrived, Diana’s eyes lit up at the new, clean clothes she was given. Vitaly’s face beamed as he ate the first full, nutritious meal of his life. And their younger siblings are full of joy as they now have the medical treatment, food, and love that they never had before.

This family of precious children is forgotten no more. And with The Fellowship, YOU can change – and SAVE – the lives of forgotten Jewish children like Diana, Vitaly, and their siblings.

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