Something in Return

 |  September 21, 2020

2020 High Holy Days food distribution in Israel
Yad B’yad food pantry giving away food, a line of diverse men and women wearing masks and standing in line for bags of groceries, produce, packaged food, brown tank top, green tshirt, checkered dress, headscarf, floral dress, black shirt, hat, branded logo step and repeat banner in the background, summer clothing

Mili has given so much to her homeland, Israel. And this elderly woman never asked for anything in return – not food, not help.

In 1975, Mili’s husband died, serving in the IDF to defend against Israel’s Syrian enemies. That left this sweet Israeli mother all alone, to raise her children without a father.

Mili worked hard through the years, as a mother and as the family’s sole breadwinner. “Until recently, I also worked as a housekeeper,” she tells us “but I’m old and weak and I have no more strength.”

But this hasn’t stopped Mili from coming to the Fellowship food box distribution each day during this High Holy Days season. But Mili doesn’t come to take. No, she comes to help, working there each day for several hours. “I help with whatever is needed,” she says. “I don’t want to receive assistance without doing something in return.”

This is the spirit of The Fellowship, of our volunteers on the ground in the Holy Land, and our faithful friends around the world – doing something for others, for those who need it most.

“Both my children and I have paid a high price to the country,” Mili says. “The food box I received will help me make it through the holiday.”

Even though life is difficult, let us all be inspired by Mili’s loving spirit – that even if she may need help from The Fellowship, she is still there to help others, too.

With The Fellowship, you can give something back – in the form of food and other lifesaving assistance – to the neediest among Israel’s elderly this High Holy Days season.

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