Faces of The Fellowship: Simon

 |  September 24, 2015

Simon, an elderly Jewish Fellowship recipient standing against a patterned red background.

When World War II broke out, Simon was 17 years old and just a few months away from finishing high school. But once the war started, he and his parents were evacuated from their home in Kharkov, Ukraine, to a mountainous region in Russia.

While in Russia, Simon joined the army to fight against the Nazis. After his training, he fought in several long, hard battles in Hungary, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. He was wounded, but he was awarded many medals for his courage and bravery during the war.

After being discharged from army service, Simon stayed in Russia, and he worked in one of the Soviet chemical factories for 50 years. He was often recognized for excellence in his work, but today, his pension is barely enough to purchase enough food for him to survive.

In addition to struggling financially, Simon also struggles with loneliness. Three years ago, his dear and beloved wife, with whom he lived a long and happy life, passed away.

Thankfully, Simon knows he can count on The Fellowship for both financial and emotional support. Volunteers from the Fellowship-funded Chamah center visit him regularly and give the former soldier special attention and care. He receives hot meals, help around his home, and warm winter blankets and clothing.

He always looks forward to the volunteers’ visits, and often proudly shares stories from his time in the war. He is so thankful for the support and joy that The Fellowship brings into his life!

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