Extraordinary Tragedy. Extraordinary Hope.

 |  May 27, 2020

black and white, elderly woman, hand over face, crying

Our healthcare workers are such a blessing, especially in these extraordinary times.

That’s why it was heartbreaking to hear about Tatiana, a gentle Jewish woman living in Ukraine.

Tatiana had a full, active life and was a senior nurse in a hospital. Then one day at home, she started experiencing strange symptoms. Her husband Vladimir called an ambulance, but when the paramedics arrived, they dismissed Tatiana’s concerns.

They were very, very wrong.

Tatiana was having a stroke… and with a stroke, every minute matters. Because she didn’t reach the hospital in time, Tatiana suffered irreversible damage.

This once-active nurse has lost complete control of the left side of her body. Her vision is almost completely gone. She can barely walk, only for a few steps at a time.

Vladimir had no choice but to quit his job to look after his beloved wife. Hiring a homecare worker was simply too expensive. Now, on their tiny pension, they can barely afford their rent, with just enough food to keep them alive. Nothing else.

These are the extraordinary people God has called us to serve.

Those who are sick.
Those who are alone.
Those who live in soul-crushing poverty.

Tragically, these are also the people most vulnerable to the pandemic raging around the world… especially in countries like Ukraine, where the healthcare system is already weak.

Will you respond to God’s call to show extraordinary compassion to His extraordinary people in these extraordinary times?

The need is so great… but so is the opportunity to put your faith into action and provide an emergency food box, medical care, and safe homecare to Jews like Tatiana.

We are so thankful God’s people have a faithful friend like you. Thanks to your support of our holy mission, we’re able to provide free homecare and nourishing food for Tatiana, allowing Vladimir to continue to work hard to provide as much as he physically can for his beloved wife.

Your sacred prayers and generosity have lifted an immense burden from this vulnerable Jewish couple. Thank you for being an extraordinary blessing in this time of extraordinary need.

Without The Fellowship – without Fellowship friends like you – Jews like Tatiana would simply not survive. We can’t let that happen. God’s people have already suffered too much. So many are in desperate need of staple foods, medicine, and ongoing homecare.

Today, God is taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. And ordinary people like you can make an extraordinary choice to give sacrificially, so that elderly Jews and Holocaust survivors can survive this pandemic and beyond.

Time is precious for heroes like Tatiana – there is no time to lose. God has given us the extraordinary opportunity to help others like her – and then some. Please prayerfully consider how YOU can be part of God’s extraordinary response today by providing food, medicine, and emergency aid to the “least of these.