Extraordinary Love

 |  May 21, 2020

elderly woman, white shirt, looking down

We cannot abandon vulnerable and elderly Jews like Galina and Vladimir. They cannot care for themselves, and they have NO ONE else to care for them. Fellowship friends like you are their only hope. Please give generously today.

As the coronavirus situation continues to develop, we’ve heard extraordinary stories of generosity… of compassion… and of need.

Stories about people like Galina and Vladimir, a mother and son living together in Russia.

At first, you might think it’s wonderful that they are not alone, especially during these difficult times… that they can care for each other like we might care for our own children or elderly parents.

Sadly, they aren’t so lucky.

Galina and Vladimir are both severely disabled. They’re unable to take care of themselves, let alone each other.

Fellowship friends like YOU are their caretaker.

Galina has progressive dementia. She was once a skilled language teacher and musician. But her connection to reality slips away with every passing day.

If you’ve ever known someone who suffered from dementia, you’ll know just how heartbreaking and debilitating this can be.

Her son Vladimir wants nothing more than to look after his elderly mother and keep her safe. But he suffers from muscular dystrophy and is completely bedridden. He’s been as resourceful as he can, building pulleys and switches near his bed so he can open the windows or raise himself into a sitting position.

But despite his incredible will to survive, Vladimir still can’t get out of bed to check on his mother… or get food from the kitchen.

Sometimes, Galina forgets that Vladimir exists. When this happens, he can go DAYS without eating.

Your loving care is the only thing keeping this mother and son alive. Without you, they both could starve.

Because of your faithful friendship, a Fellowship-supported homecare worker safely visits them three times a week, bringing food and essentials and caring for their physical needs.

But Galina and Vladimir’s story of struggle is not the only one.

The coronavirus pandemic means the extraordinary people we serve…

…elderly widows
…Holocaust survivors
…disabled people
…needy Jewish families

…are more vulnerable than ever.

And it means we must take EXTRAORDINARY measures to ensure their survival.

Your best gift today can save the lives of vulnerable Jews, like Galina and Vladimir, who have been impacted by this crisis.

Your extraordinary support will help needy Jews survive this pandemic and beyond.

Vulnerable and elderly Jews like Galina and Vladimir are suffering. For their sake, we are calling on our extraordinary community of sacrificial givers – faithful Christians like you – to prayerfully give as much as you can today. We hope you will answer the call. Precious souls like Galina and Vladimir need you.

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