Digital Nomads Can Now Work Remotely from a Kibbutz

The Fellowship  |  June 7, 2019

Large field covered in long grass with a few trees in the distance.

A new opportunity for those who don’t work in the office – freelancers, bloggers, entrepreneurs – is arriving. Now you can work remotely from a kibbutz (a communal settlement in Israel, typically a farm)!

Israel21c tells us more:

A former Israeli digital nomad is putting a uniquely Israeli spin on this idea with Gather, a month-long program enabling groups of digital nomads to work remotely while experiencing communal kibbutz life and enjoying on-site content such as work-skills and fitness classes.

“I realized that the kibbutz has everything remote workers need because they are communities where people live, work and play together. Everything is on premises, such as a dining hall, grocery store and laundry service,” says Gather cofounder Omer Har-shai, 30. “And there is the added value of the natural surroundings and agriculture.” …

“Today’s generation wants to travel and experience amazing things without compromising their career and having to restart their lives when they come home,” Har-shai tells ISRAEL21c.

“We think this environment will really encourage greater productivity because they’ll be living a more balanced life, perhaps starting their day by working in the fields a few hours and eating breakfast in the main mess hall.”