Critical Care, Warmth, and Dignity

The Fellowship  |  January 12, 2018

Elderly Jewish woman in a white floral-patterned headscarf looking down while several blankets and jars are behind her.

Right now, The Fellowship is working swiftly through Operation Winter Warmth to meet the growing needs of impoverished Jews around the world, and we need your help urgently.

Winter cold can be inconvenient for us and is difficult for the elderly around us. But for the most vulnerable among the Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU), winter is life-threatening.

Tens of thousands of elderly Jews in Ukraine and other harsh regions of the FSU, do not have the proper winter clothing or heating fuel to survive the brutal Siberian winter. Many – including Holocaust survivors – live in homes that are basically dilapidated shacks that let in wind, rain, and snow.

Please take a moment to see how you can make an impact and save Jewish lives.

The scriptures remind us in Proverbs 3:28, “Do not say to your neighbor, “Come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to you’ – when you already have it with you.”

For elderly Jews in the unrelenting grip of winter in the FSU, The Fellowship is racing to provide help and care while we still can.

Please give your most generous gift today to Operation Winter Warmth to help provide warm blankets, clothing, heating fuel, and other critically needed winter items for elderly Jews who have nowhere else to turn. With your gift today, lives will be impacted and hearts will be blessed in knowing they are not alone.

The calls for help we receive are often filled with fear as the hard winter season sets in more fully every day.

Your very best gift today through Operation Winter Warmth will calm their fears and help elderly needy Jews receive the warmth, hope, dignity, and love they deserve.