Blessing the Wounded

The Fellowship  |  January 15, 2020

yael eckstein blessing the wounded idf israeli female soldier aden in israel

Aden is a young First Sergeant with the Tavor Search and Rescue Battalion of the IDF’s Home Front Command.  She was hospitalized after being injured, along with four other soldiers from her unit, following a car-ramming terror attack. We are able to help provide care and support because of Christian friends like you who are blessing the wounded with your generous lifesaving gift.

Aden says, “There’s a two-way road which is lined with Arab villages. We received a report that stones were being thrown from the villages at Jews who were driving on the road. I’m in the Command Unit of our battalion. The five of us immediately rushed to the scene to see who was throwing the stones. We were on the shoulder when a car came up from behind and ran into us.”

When asked why a young person such as Aden would take it upon herself to enlist as a combat soldier when not obligated to do so, she answers simply, “That’s the way I am. I always want to give a little bit more. Not only wasn’t I obligated to be a combat soldier, I wasn’t obligated to serve for two years in the IDF. I see this as my way to protect our people and our country. I know that if us soldiers weren’t patrolling near these Arab villages, there would be car-ramming attacks in Tel Aviv. We’re out here saving lives. In this particular situation, those throwing the stones were looking to kill the Jews who were driving on the road. Our job is protecting lives. This is what our unit does on a regular basis. We often enter these villages, based on intelligence reports, to arrest terrorists who are planning deadly attacks. We might get the information on a Sunday that someone is planning a deadly terror attack for Tuesday”.

When we delivered a care package during her stay in the hospital, Aden smiled with gratitude for the compassion of Christian friends like you who are blessing the wounded. “This is a wonderful thing that makes me understand that things are truly changing in the world. The history between Jews and Christians has been very complicated. But Christian friends are saying, let’s forget history, let’s support the Jewish people. I see it as a statement of love that says they appreciate us and want to let us know that we have friends. I just want to thank them.”

And we at The Fellowship just want to thank you too — for being a beacon of light to the people of Israel through your faithful support. You are truly making a difference!

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