Blessing the “Least of These”

 |  August 31, 2017

An elderly woman in glasses and a black and white patterned shirt with her hands folded on a table.

Thanks to friends like you, vulnerable Holocaust survivors throughout Israel and across the vast former Soviet Union receive basic necessities needed for survival through our Guardians of Israel and Isaiah 58 ministries of compassion.

A simple food box means so much to Galina, who has had a lifetime of tragedy.

She was only eight-years-old when World War II reached her hometown in Crimea. As her family fled their home, her father was forced to make an unthinkable choice, as he was only allowed to take five family members with him.

This impossible decision changed Galina’s future.

“My father’s two other sisters had to stay behind in Kerch,” Galina sobs. “They died there. I still remember them very well.”

Galina has gone through so much in her life. It’s heartbreaking to think of how alone she felt just last year.

But the loving compassion of Fellowship friends showed her that she has not been forgotten.

Sadly, hundreds of thousands of impoverished Jewish souls like Galina are unable to meet their needs each day.

That is why we prayerfully ask for your help today.

Your gift of love and compassion today will immediately go to help the most vulnerable.

As the Lord leads, we urge you to give your very best gift as you bless the Jewish people as part of this much-needed outreach.