Angels for Paulina

CJ  |  May 3, 2021

Paulina, Holocaust survivor who says Fellowship are her angels
elderly woman, blue vest, gray shirt, red pants, pigtails

Still just a young girl, Paulina fled the Soviet Union to the Ural Mountains with her Jewish family… to escape the Nazis during the Holocaust. The entire way, Nazi warplanes bombed and strafed the train car on which they huddled, the family praying for God to send His angels. Paulina remembers her mother planning their next move: “If the Germans come, then we, as Jews, have one road — from the mountain and into the Ural forest.”

After the war, the family returned to their home in Moscow but Paulina’s father died soon after that, never recovering from all the family had experienced.

Today, Paulina’s own health deteriorates as she reaches her golden years. Two years ago, she suffered a debilitating stroke and became dependent on homecare. Fellowship-funded caretakers now help with personal tasks, clean her apartment, and bring her groceries and nutritious hot meals. They also take her to all her medical appointments and bring her medications.

This Passover, when The Fellowship delivered a holiday food box, Paulina gratefully asked, “Where does The Fellowship manage to find these angels?” She feels blessed for this loving care that Fellowship friends like you make possible.

Help bless a Holocaust survivor like Paulina, showing them that Christian friends around the world have not forgotten them.

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