A Nine-year-old Should Never Face Such Hatred

 |  February 13, 2017

A young girl sitting on the floor looking off into the distance with several boxes behind her.

Nine-year-old Nastya’s world is one full of challenges, especially living in a very dangerous part of Kiev, Ukraine.

Every day, Nastya must pass by a disgusting drawing of a woman with the word “Jew” on her forehead. This hate-filled “art” decorates the stairwell in her apartment building.

She lives in a dilapidated and bug-infested apartment in severe need of repair.

Nastya’s mother is battling stage-four liver cancer and is too sick to work. Her grandmother, Sofia, receives a tiny monthly pension that’s too small for one person to live on—let alone support all three of them.

Yet, Nastya is the family’s ray of light. She is extremely smart in school and has an artistic soul. Bright, joyful drawings of stars and space are scattered about the small apartment.

But sadly, those drawings cannot cover the dire poverty her family struggles with each day.

Through our Isaiah 58 program, Nastya’s family receives much-needed food, medicines, help with the utilities, and warm clothes and boots to help get them through the bitter winter months.

Today, by joining our growing family of monthly donors, we will have more funds readily available to help other families like Nastya’s. Your sustained commitment provides the critical funds needed to care for the most vulnerable Jews living in the former Soviet Union – every month of the year.

“All I know is that even if my mother and grandmother can no longer take care of me, thanks to The Fellowship…I will never be abandoned,” says Nastya.

We urge you to give your most generous gift today, and then prayerfully consider making a regular monthly commitment to help those who have nowhere else to turn. Your gift can be the lifesaving answer to an impoverished Jew’s prayer.