A Blessing of Food and Faith

The Fellowship  |  April 18, 2019

Frieda is an elderly Holocaust survivor who often goes without food in order to buy the medicine she needs to survive. Help provide a blessing of food and necessary provisions so this precious Jewish soul can survive her final days with dignity.

Because of Fellowship supporters like you, we are able to provide a blessing of food, comfort and hope for elderly Jews like Frieda.

Frieda has trouble speaking, but when she talks about the Holocaust memories that still haunt her, one repeated phrase comes out clearly: “The blood, the blood!”

No one should have to endure what she endured.

Tragically, today she endures another struggle. She lives in poverty so extreme it is difficult to fathom. Like many poor elderly Ukrainian Jews, Frieda often goes without food in order to buy the medicine she needs to survive.

She simply cannot afford both; she can barely afford enough food to stay alive.

The blessing of food and care provided by Fellowship supporters is one of the few bright spots in Frieda’s life. During a recent visit to Ukraine, we offered her not just food, but hugs and conversation. Laughter rang through her tiny, run-down home for the first time in years.

We must do more to sustain Frieda and so many others like her. Your gift will help provide a blessing of food, faith and hope to needy Jews like Frieda in Israel and the former Soviet Union.

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