A Better Life

 |  August 11, 2020

Better times lay ahead for Sophia, whose impoverished family receives a Fellowship food box
(Photo: Victor Adjamsky/FJC)

Meet Sophia. This sweet Jewish 7-year-old from Ukraine has seen better days.

Like most children, Sophia wakes up each morning ready to start her day. But unlike most children, Sophia finds little to look forward to.

Sophia wakes up cold and hungry. She wraps herself in an old, threadbare coat and goes outside of her family’s old, drafty home to the outhouse. Then she comes inside, hoping her mother has something for her to eat, no matter how small.

As Sophia walks to school, she thinks back before these hard times, before her grandmother got sick. Back then, her grandmother would fix her a bowl of piping hot porridge each morning, with lots of milk and a heaping spoonful of sugar.

But now Sophia’s grandmother has cancer. And Sophia’s mother, who loves unconditionally, spends all of her time caring for the elderly Jewish woman and all of the family’s money on her medical treatments. Now there is nothing – no time, no money, no food, no love – left for Sophia.

But then Fellowship friends arrived, with the love Sophia needs.

“My heart breaks for my little girl,” Sophia’s mother told them. “She is my whole world and I wish that I could give her a better life.”

That better life now seems possible. The family receives boxes of nourishing food. Sophia now has warm clothing for the brutal Ukrainian winter. The family home will now be repaired, too, so the family can live comfortably.

Now, Sophia once again wakes up to her mother’s smiling face. She once again enjoys a wholesome bowl of porridge with milk and sugar and takes an apple with her to school.

“Our lives are still not easy,” Sophia’s mother tells us. “But The Fellowship has restored my faith in humanity and shown us that there are still people who care and will not abandon us in our troubled times.”

With The Fellowship, you can feed the hungriest and most hurting of God’s people, including impoverished Jewish children like Sophia.

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