Fire started by terror balloons, May 2021

Stand For Israel

Terror Balloons Set Southern Israel Ablaze

Incendiary balloons launched by Terrorists in Gaza, and amid tensions in Jerusalem and a heatwave in the Holy Land, have set Israel on fire.

Yosef Kleinman testifies at Eichmann trial, 1961

Stand For Israel

The Eichmann Trial’s Youngest Witness

The youngest Holocaust survivor to testify at the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann has passed away at the age of 91.

IDF soldiers with Torah scroll in 1967 at Western Wall, site of Holy Temple

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: Toward Your Holy Temple

IDF soldiers bring a Torah scroll to the Western Wall, the site of the Holy Temple, after Israel's victory during the 1967 Six-Day War.

Scene of Lag B'Omer tragedy in Israel, April 2021

Stand For Israel

45 Dead, 150 Hurt at Lag B’Omer Event in Israel

Forty-five Israelis were killed and more than 150 were injured during a tragic accident at a holiday gathering in the Holy Land.

Child watches IAF planes make heart on Israel Independence Day, 2021

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: With All Your Heart

A young girl on her father's shoulders watches IAF fighters show their "heart" and soul in the skies over the Holy Land of Israel.

Flags of Israel and the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, 2013

Stand For Israel

Rescue in the Philippines

This documentary tells the story of the friendship between the Philippines and the Jewish people, and of the rescue of more than a thousand people during the Holocaust.

Hamas terrorists threaten the peace of Jerusalem

Stand For Israel

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem as Terrorists Riot and Rockets Fly

As Israelis prepared for a Shabbat of peace, terrorists in Gaza rioted and launched rockets at the Holy Land.

Jordan River in the Galilee, 1955

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: The Presence of the Lord

An Israeli fisherman enjoys the Jordan River against the backdrop of the Upper Galilee in the Holy Land in 1955.

Israeli children learn to garden at Ben Shemen Youth Village, 1949

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: My Garden

Children in the early years of the modern state of Israel learn from their teacher how to garden in the Holy Land.

Yael Eckstein at IDF base with Israeli flag, illustrating Yom HaAtzmaut, Independence Day

Yael's Holy Land Reflections

The Quest for Freedom Is Never Finished

On this Israel Independence Day, as we rejoice and celebrate, let us pray for the day when a true spirit of peace, cooperation, and understanding will cover the world.

Mount Tabor, where biblical story of battle won by Deborah and Barak occurred

Stand For Israel

The Battle of Mount Tabor

The Holy Land comes alive yet again as we visit Mount Tabor, the site where Deborah and Barak led the Israelites' to victory in their biblical battle with Sisera.

Holocaust survivors return to their homeland, the Holy Land, aboard the RMS Mataroa, 1945

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: Those the Lord Has Rescued Will Return

Holocaust survivors return to their biblical and historic homeland, the Holy Land, aboard the RMS Mataroa after liberation, 1945.

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