Dispatch from a Bomb Shelter Somewhere in Israel

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Dispatch from a Bomb Shelter Somewhere in Israel

As red alert sirens sounded in Israel Tuesday morning, Israelis scrambled to their bomb shelters and safe rooms. Writing at the Times of Israel, Nurit Dekel tells us what it’s like to wake up to red alerts that continue throughout the day.

Rocket explodes on Israeli road, November 12, 2019

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150 Rockets Fired at Israel

Israel closes schools all the way to Tel Aviv and prepares for days of fighting after terrorists launch scores of rockets into the Holy Land.

Israeli building hit by rocket, November 2018

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Elderly Israeli Woman Dies of Wounds from Rocket Attack

74-year-old Nina Gisdenanova, seriously hurt last November when a terrorist rocket hit her apartment, has succumbed to her injuries.

Drone on Gaza border

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New Terror Threat to Israel’s North and South

Current hostilities could spiral out of control as the IDF looks to answer Islamic Jihad and its Iranian master.

Netanyahu evacuates rally in Ashdod, September 10, 2019

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Bibi Spirited Away from Rally Due to Gaza Rockets

A campaign event for PM Netanyahu in southern Israel was interrupted by terrorist rockets from Gaza.

Pool in Netiv Ha'Asara, Israel

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Rockets Send Children Scrambling

Dozens of Israeli youngsters were enjoying their final night swim of the summer when rocket fire from Gaza sent them scurrying to find protected spaces.

IDF Maj-Gen Kamil Abu Rukun

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IDF to Gaza: Don’t Let Iran Exploit You

An Israeli military leader has warned Palestinians that those who are "close and distant to you" seek to "ignite a war" causing loss of stability and security.

Rocket attack, August 2019

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Rockets Fired at Israel as Tensions Soar

Multiple rockets were fired at Israel by terrorists in Gaza, injuring people, starting a fire, and disrupting weekend activities.

Southern Israeli children on kibbutz

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Israeli Children near Gaza Make Most of Summer

Youngsters in southern Israel may be bruised and traumatized by years of Hamas attacks, but they love their homeland and will not let terrorists ruin their childhoods.

PM Netanyahu

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Bibi: Israel Preparing a Forceful Strike Against Hamas

PM Netanyahu says he is readying a "massive campaign" against the terror organization, and that Iran is "not immune" from Israeli action.

Palestinian boy starts fire in West Bank

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Hamas Playing with Fire on Two Fronts

While the terror group still rules the Gaza Strip, its latest efforts have been to fan the flames of violence in the West Bank.

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