You Are Keeping Her Alive

The Fellowship  |  October 16, 2023

food, elderly, crisis, Netivot, Gaza Strip border

Living in Netivot, which is near the Gaza Strip, means 87-year-old Victoria experienced non-stop rocket fire in the first days of the war with Hamas. And she has locked herself in her home and doesn’t go out.

Her late husband was a Holocaust survivor, and she never imagined the shocking infiltration by Hamas terrorists, and the murders that followed, could remind her of the stories he used to tell her of the dark time of the Holocaust. Victoria has spent the last week fearing terrorist attacks and constantly thinking about and praying for those who have been murdered or kidnapped.

Thankfully, she hasn’t been alone during these terrible, dark days of war. Fellowship friends around the world have made sure that Victoria is cared for and supported—and will be supported in the days to come.

The emergency visits The Fellowship has made to deliver food is critical for her survival. “You keep me alive!” she tells us. “I want to say that I am incredibly grateful for the support of The Fellowship during this time. When everyone disappeared, you stayed in the field and continued to support me. Thank you.”

Your gift today will save lives and provide emergency essentials to those in need, like Victoria, during this crisis.