We Got There Just In Time

The Fellowship  |  June 20, 2021

Yael Eckstein sitting on an elderly Jewish man's bedside.

These are troubling times for Israel. In the largest barrage since 2014, Israel has been on high alert ever since hundreds of rockets were launched from terrorist-run Gaza. Since then, terrorists have set Israel ablaze, burning thousands of acres of the Holy Land.

With each act of terror or code red siren that has sounded over the last few weeks, the most vulnerable people of Israel are already struggling every single day just to survive, let alone during a terror attack or crisis.

Yafem, an elderly Holocaust survivor who lives all alone, worked hard his entire life until he was diagnosed with cancer. Now, in constant pain and unable to work, Yafem has no way to support himself.

“My refrigerator is empty, you came just in time with a food box,” Yafem said. But his completely bare refrigerator didn’t even have a few scraps or leftovers.

Yafem used to hobble down four flights of stairs with his cane to scavenge through garbage cans just to find something to eat.

Yafem’s story is not unique. There are so many more elderly Jewish people in Israel suffering from painful hunger pangs each and every day.

The situation is so dire for Israel’s most vulnerable people – especially as tensions continue to run high – but you can help someone like Yafem and provide food, clothing, and other basic necessities for those struggling through unimaginable poverty.

In these uncertain times in Israel, the Jewish people need to know they are not forgotten!

Please take a Stand for Israel right now with your best gift today.