The Great Things You Do

The Fellowship  |  July 3, 2023

Natalia, a Jewish widow in Ukraine whose family receives help from The Fellowship
(Photo: JDC)

Natalia is 50 years old, but she looks much, much older. The worry and tiredness etched into this Jewish widow’s face comes from her life spent caring for three children all of whom live with different illnesses, an adult child with developmental disabilities, and her elderly mother.

Natalia does all of that, in the family’s two-room apartment, on a collective pension of $95/month, in the warzone that their country of Ukraine has become. The apartment is dark and barren, save for a bunk bed and wardrobe provided by The Fellowship.

The help this family gets from The Fellowship—the meager furnishings, food each month, and help with heat in the winter—is what keeps them going. The prayerful support that Fellowship friends like you provide has literally saved their lives.

After a recent Fellowship visit to Natalia’s family, one of her children called out, “I hope you never stop doing the great things you do.”

Your support—your prayers and your best gift today—will provide basic needs and lifesaving care for Jewish people in need.