The Gift of Life

The Fellowship  |  October 27, 2017

Elderly Jewish woman looking off to the side.

Emma has known significant and ongoing hardship throughout her 69 years.

Her husband passed away when he was only 27, forcing her to raise their two young daughters on her own. Then one of her daughters died tragically at the tender age of 15, leaving Emma bereft once again.

Now elderly, Emma suffers from hypertension, heart disease, and many other health challenges. Although she still tries to care for her own 90-year-old mother, she cannot keep up with the mounting needs of daily care.

There are hundreds of thousands of elderly Jews who need urgent, ongoing care to survive day to day. And with the monthly support from Fellowship friends, these impoverished souls are receiving much-needed food, critical medicines, and for the most vulnerable, a 24-hour emergency call button that they can wear if they need help.

This 24-hour elderly assistance program is a comforting lifeline for frail, elderly Jews who do not have family or friends to help them. With the touch of a single button, vulnerable elderly Jews—including Holocaust survivors—can call for an ambulance, report a break-in, or request a doctor’s care.

Together with your support, The Fellowship can provide hope, dignity, and 24-hour care to elderly impoverished Jews who have nowhere else to turn.

Friends of The Fellowship family. Your monthly gift allows us to reach even more elderly Jews with the 24-hour care they so desperately need.

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