Looking Out for God’s Children

The Fellowship  |  April 11, 2022

Elderly Jewish woman in Ukraine receives Passover food box

Ziniaida’s sons were her whole world.

This elderly woman in Ukraine raised her sons with her whole heart and soul, teaching them to be proud of their Jewish heritage, even in the face of communist persecution.

As adults, both of Ziniaida’s sons chose to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) in order to raise their own families in their biblical homeland. Ziniaida supported their choice, knowing they would be far away, but safe and free to worship as God wanted them to.

Then, the coronavirus pandemic cut Ziniaida off from her sons, making it impossible for them to visit, and even difficult to support their aging mother financially.

Trapped in her home, unable to shop for food and even unable to afford much-needed medications, Ziniaida felt hopeless. And that is when The Fellowship stepped in, providing her with groceries, medicine, emotional support, and special food boxes for holidays like Passover.

And now, with war ravaging Ukraine, support from The Fellowship is even more important for elderly Jews like Ziniaida who are unable to escape, unable to eat, unable to survive. As Ziniaida told us, “I felt like the whole world had abandoned me. Now I feel like I have a family and a community looking out for me.”

This Passover, you can provide comfort and care for an elderly Jewish person like Ziniaida.

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