Passover Hope for Roman

The Fellowship  |  March 9, 2021

Roman, mentally disabled Jewish man in Kyrgyzstan

At times, life is so desperate and overwhelming that Roman bangs his head against the filthy wall of the small room that makes up his whole world.

Mentally and developmentally disabled, this 39-year-old Jewish man lives in the poorest and most dangerous district in Bishkek, the capital of the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan. The streets, scattered with debris, lead to decaying apartment blocks like Roman’s.

Roman’s neighbors are criminals and addicts, desperate and angry people. These people are his only contact with the outside world. In the decade since his mother died, he has been neglected by his caretaker. This man does not care for Roman, but is only waiting for this precious childlike soul to perish so he can sell the dilapidated apartment for whatever it will fetch.

When Roman’s mother was alive, she fed him and cared for him. They could even celebrate the Jewish holidays together. She also kept him from being influenced by those around him.

But now Roman has none of that. He barely survives on the $76 pension he receives. He wouldn’t survive without The Fellowship. Together, we provide him a glimmer of hope in his bleak life. Monthly food packages, ready-to-heat frozen dinners, heating assistance during the brutal winters, and Passover foods that provide a link to the happy life he once knew. Thanks to you, Roman is not alone and knows that someone still cares about him.

This Passover, you can provide hope and help for impoverished Jewish people around the world – precious children of God like Roman – showing them that God loves them.