If You Had to Choose

The Fellowship  |  April 2, 2020

needy elderly woman in black shirt in Israel

You can provide a $25 Emergency Passover food box – or two or more – as a way for you to be God’s hands and feet, bringing tangible comfort to those who need it most. With just days until Passover begins and the need still so great, we must take action today!

Medical care or a meal… which would you choose?

This…this is a decision Miryam has to make every single day… and my heart is breaking for her today.

Now, with the coronavirus crisis, her situation is even MORE dire as she suffers alone in isolation and fear.

Miryam’s situation… threatens her very survival.

This 87-year-old Jewish widow is battling cancer, which makes her extremely vulnerable right now. The only time she dares leave her home during this pandemic is to travel to another city for cancer treatments. Miryam’s two disabled sons cannot help her, as they too need constant medical care.

Miryam cannot afford food each day, let along the special foods needed to observe Passover with dignity and hope. And even if she could… she would have to risk her life just to get it.

The truth is that without Christian friends like you who love Israel and the Jewish people, Miryam will go hungry, suffer alone in her sickness, and be unable to care for her sons.

That’s why we MUST urgently deliver an Emergency Passover Food Box to her door.

Your gift of $25 will be the difference between life and death for someone like Miryam, helping provide a food box filled with staples, special Passover foods, and sanitary supplies. Your help today will be the answer to Miryam’s desperate prayers, bringing blessings of nourishment for both body and soul during this sacred season.

Will you heed God’s call to “comfort ye, comfort ye my people” (Isaiah 40:1, KJV) and join The Fellowship during this extraordinary Passover season so that no Jew is left alone?

Miryam is counting on you.

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