Never Alone

The Fellowship  |  May 1, 2023

Valentina, an elderly Holocaust survivor from Ukraine, in Israel
(Photo: Arik Shraga)

“I’m a war baby.”

That’s what Valentina says when we ask about her early years. Her mother a pregnant Jewish woman and her father a soldier during the early days of WWII, even Valentina’s time in the womb was spent on the run.

Her mother tried to flee the invading Nazis, but “German bombers showed up. Everyone who could jumped off the train to hide. But my mother was pregnant with me. She couldn’t jump off…”

But by God’s miraculous hand, Valentina’s mother was spared. Kindly people gave the pregnant woman shelter, and clothed her newborn baby once Valentina came. The kindness of others saved this Jewish family during the Holocaust.

And today, this elderly Jewish woman has at last made aliyah (immigrated) to her biblical homeland, Israel, where she again is thankful for the kindness of others—Fellowship friends all around the world whose gifts of love provide her and her elderly husband with the food and medicine they would otherwise go without. “The Fellowship never leaves me alone,” says Valentina, grateful of the help she receives from friends like you.

Your gift today will provide lifesaving care for an elderly Holocaust survivor like Valentina, providing the food, medicine, and basic necessities they would otherwise go without.