Help Needy Holocaust Survivors

The Fellowship  |  July 29, 2008

Elderly Jewish man in blue looking directly into the camera.
(Photo: IFCJ)

During the Holocaust, fear and hatred took over Europe. With the torture and brutal murder of so many Jews and others deemed “undesirable,” it is only by God’s grace that anyone survived the Nazis’ reign of terror.

Please join us to continue helping Holocaust Survivors or take a moment to remember the millions killed during the Holocaust and those who still struggle to survive. You won’t just be remembering those who died … you’ll be honoring those who survived.

People like Alexander.

Alexander was only 11 when his family was forced to flee their home in Ukraine to escape the approaching Nazi army. During a harrowing two-week train ride to safety in Kazakhstan, “All I really remember is being cold and hungry,” he says.

After barely surviving the brutal winters and lack of food in Kazakhstan, Alexander and his family finally returned home after the war to find they had lost more than a dozen family members.

Alexander and his wife lived a modest life in Ukraine until he finally saved enough money to move to Israel. “We came with no money and no home,” he recalls. “We just knew that Israel is the only place where Jews can be free.

Now an elderly widower, Alexander is very sick and rarely leaves home. He struggles to pay for rent, utilities, food, and medicine from his meager pension. “There’s just not enough money. I have to decide where to cut corners,” he says. “More than anything, it’s the winter cold that brings back the bad memories of the Holocaust.”

You can honor Alexander’s life and others who have suffered so greatly by providing a lifesaving gift today.

And if you have it in your heart, please make a donation to The Fellowship that will help us bring comfort to the thousands of elderly Holocaust survivors like Alexander, both in Israel and the former Soviet Union.