Joyful for Answered Prayers

The Fellowship  |  July 27, 2021

Joy on face of Eliyahu, elderly Jewish Holocaust survivor in Israel
(Photo: Ancho Gosh)

Just a small boy of five, Eliyahu escaped the Nazis and arrived in his biblical homeland, the Holy Land, in 1944. But just because he managed to avoid death during the Holocaust doesn’t mean Eliyahu has lived a life of joy.

This sweet man, now 82, has no one and has nothing. Childless and all alone, Eliyahu spends his days in a filthy apartment that has little to no food. His clothes dirty and his belly groaning, Eliyahu prayed to God once again for deliverance. And God’s provision came—in the form of help from Fellowship friends around the world.

Now Eliyahu has boxes of nutritious food delivered to his apartment, blankets to keep him warm, and visitors to keep him company. And that—regular visits that show your love—are what make Eliyahu’s eyes sparkle with joy. Because you have been the answer to his prayers.

And just as you are the answer to Eliyahu’s prayer—and for so many other impoverished and lonely elderly and Holocaust survivors across Israel to whom you bring hope and joy—your Fellowship family would be honored to carry your prayer requests to God at the holiest spot in the Holy City of Jerusalem—the Western Wall.

Share your prayer request here so that we can bring it to God at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.