Forced to Choose Between Hunger and Homelessness

The Fellowship  |  January 22, 2016

Elderly Jewish woman looking down at the floor while having her hand on her face.

Sadly, there are countless poor and elderly individuals in Israel who have little hope as they struggle to survive day-to-day – people like Edna, who is blind, trapped in despair, and living her last days in painful loneliness.

Recently, Fellowship workers visited Edna in her tiny apartment in Ofakim. As they went to place a box of food in her kitchen, they were shocked to discover Edna’s refrigerator contained only water, two cucumbers, and a loaf of bread! What a harsh reminder that so many have so little.

Our team was so impacted by Edna’s dire situation that they immediately took action. They went to a local market to purchase additional food and home essentials for her. Edna was overcome with tears of gratitude.

At The Fellowship, we are all deeply grateful that because of the generous gifts of friends like you, we are able to respond so quickly when faced with such critical needs.

Tragically, the need for such help is high right now. While Israel was rocked by war this year, and while she was defending her people from harsh attacks, hundreds of thousands of Jews fell deeper into poverty.

The result is that nearly one-third of Israel’s elderly can no longer afford basic necessities. Many must choose between homelessness and hunger. Many suffer silently with no one there to answer their cries for help.

Thankfully, The Fellowship is bridging this gap in the care of older Jews. Your gift is an important link in this bridge of care! With your continued help, our teams are able to meet the immediate and urgent needs of precious souls like Edna.

On behalf of those suffering souls, I want to say “Todah Rabah,” Hebrew for thank you very much, for your unwavering monthly support.

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