Facing Life’s Challenges

The Fellowship  |  April 28, 2021

Svetlana, a Holocaust survivor with cerebral palsy, who has faced many challenges

Svetlana has faced – and overcome – challenges her entire life. Born with cerebral palsy, she learned to cope with limited mobility – in the days before World War II, when those with disabilities found little help.

Then the war broke out, and Svetlana’s Jewish family faced the Nazi invasion. Her father, a military journalist, was sent away and never heard from again.

Svetlana survived the Holocaust, but the decades since have continued to pose challenges. Despite her disability, and despite the Soviet anti-Semitism she faced because of her faith, Svetlana studied law and worked for many years.

But now, old age and loneliness have caught up with Svetlana, posing yet more challenges. In addition to her cerebral palsy, she has lost sight in one eye, and suffers from many health problems. And, Svetlana is all alone.

But because of Fellowship friends around the world, Svetlana has not been forgotten. Fellowship-supported homecare workers and volunteers bring hot meals to her home, provide her medications, and even help take her to her many medical appointments. Now, because of Fellowship friends like you, this precious child of God knows she can face any challenge.

Give a Holocaust survivor like Svetlana not just their basic needs like food and medicine, but the comfort that God has not forgotten them.