Because of You They Found Safety

The Fellowship  |  June 2, 2021

Menachem and Bronia, who found safety during rocket attacks because of The Fellowship
Menachem Mendel Levi, age 86, and his wife Bronia Levi, age 80, Israel Emergency Situation, Netivot, Israel, story received May 12, 2021, elderly couple standing in hallway looking off camera, wife in the foreground, husband in the background, gray shirt, striped shirt, sad, worried

Your faithful prayers and support provided Israel with SO much during a time of terror.

Because of you, families found refuge in 20 new Fellowship-funded bomb shelters.

Because of you, 2,000 meals were provided for hungry children and forgotten elderly in the southern town of Ashkelon – the most heavily targeted city in Israel.

Because of you, we were on the ground providing emergency essentials and meeting the desperate needs of those in harm’s way with food, medicine, and more.

Finding a Blessing

“Sometimes it lasts for hours.”

That’s what Menachem said about the rockets. That’s what this 86-year-old war hero and retired schoolteacher has endured, along with his ailing, elderly wife, Bronia. That’s what this precious couple has endured these past two weeks.

It lasted for hours, for days, for weeks. This terror.

“The moment there’s a siren, we shut ourselves in the bedroom,” Menachem says. But their bedroom isn’t fortified. And because of their age, Menachem and Bronia, his wife who survived the Holocaust in Belarus, cannot make it to the nearest bomb shelter. So they just lie on their bed, their hands over their heads as their only protection from terrorist rockets.

“The earth is burning everywhere here,” Menachem explained.

“I hear the panic in my grandchildren’s voices and my heart is broken,” Bronia adds, breaking my heart.

It’s a miracle that these precious children survived the attacks of the past weeks.

And God’s people found this blessing, this safety, and this refuge because of YOU.

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