A Warm Home and Daily Bread

The Fellowship  |  October 18, 2022

Ruben, elderly Jewish man in FSU kept warm by The Fellowship
(Photo: JDC/Alex Imedashvili)

Never having married or had children, 75-year-old Ruben misses the warm buzz and company of his early family years.

Born in the Soviet Union just after WWII, Ruben was raised in a modest family of seven children that still honored Jewish traditions, despite living under communist rule.

Retired after a life working in the raw minerals trade, Ruben lives alone in a small, cluttered apartment strewn with old papers and stray watch parts, remnants of his past. An ancient refrigerator stands dilapidated in the corner, too much for the elderly man to clean and empty because he has little pension to purchase food.

Desperately lonely and struggling to survive, Ruben heard about help from The Fellowship at his synagogue. And now, as winter once again looms—this winter more desperate than ever, as the ongoing Ukraine war and surging prices have made heat and other necessities impossible to afford—Ruben knows that Fellowship friends around the world will help him with the food and medicine that are beyond his meager means, as well as assistance with heating.

“Your help means so much to me,” Ruben says. “It is only thanks to you that I have my daily bread.”

As a difficult winter looms, your gift today will be life-changing and lifesaving for the neediest of God’s people.

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