A Dream Come True in Israel

The Fellowship  |  August 4, 2010

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Lous and her two children — ages 7 and 12 — immigrated to Israel four months ago from Colombia, where they lived in fear and danger. Nearly everyone in this single mother’s town was anti-Semitic, so the family kept their Jewish identity secret.

“I felt so guilty teaching my children to hide their faith, but it was out of fear for their lives,” explains Lous. “I felt like a bad mother raising them like that, but we didn’t have the opportunity to move to Israel until now.”

Whenever Lous and her children would go to pray at the small synagogue near their home in Colombia, they would be accompanied by police for their safety. A police car sat on alert during any Jewish holiday. Her children got used to being called names and having garbage thrown at them. The Star of David necklace that their grandfather left them sat in their drawer.

Lous prayed daily for God to take her and her children out of this environment and bring them home to Israel. Now that they are finally home in the Holy Land ” thanks to The Fellowship‘s On Wings of Eagles program that helps Jews make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) from around the world ” they wear their necklace with pride and pray in public. To them, this alone feels like redemption.

Overlooking the beautiful mountains of Israel, Lous begins crying tears of joy. “I am fulfilling the dream of every Jew in Colombia: to leave Colombia for a safe, free Jewish homeland. I can’t describe how good it feels to pray to God without fearing for my life.

“My dream has always been for my children to see their mother as a smart, capable, proud Jew.” Now that they are in Israel, thanks to The Fellowship‘s On Wings of Eagles partners, this dream has come true.

Sadly, around the world there are Jews who live in countries where anti-Semitism is all too common. Your gifts to On Wings of Eagles help bring them from fear and oppression to freedom in Israel, and help them become full, productive citizens once they arrive in the Holy Land. Please give today!

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