Terrorist Commander: We Will Capture Border Towns

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Yesterday, Stand for Israel reported on the latest Hamas terror tunnel to be found by the IDF, as the military continues construction of a hi-tech wall along Israel’s southern border with Gaza. Alas, terrorists are still preparing other ways to attack Israel. The Jerusalem Post’s Tzvi Joffre reports that a Palestinian terrorist commander warns that Gaza terror groups will take southern Israeli towns, even if by sea or air:

“We will take the settlements bordering Gaza. In any future war, the enemy must expect groups behind enemy lines to enter and control those settlements,” said a commander of one of the terrorist groups in Gaza to the Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper on Wednesday.

The commander added that scuba units will also play a “very important role” in an upcoming conflict…

The last round of fighting in May is a “slight fraction of what the enemy might face in the future, especially since this round exposed Israeli weaknesses,” said the Palestinian commander.

These “weaknesses” include the ability to target the Iron Dome batteries directly and the ability to target IDF soldiers by dropping bombs from Gazan drones, which the Gazan commander claimed Israeli intelligence did not know about until they were put into action.

One of the most significant lessons that the Gazan terrorist groups learned from the 48-hour escalation in May, is that the Iron Dome could be overcome and even targeted directly in some places. According to the commander, 700 rockets were fired in the last round of fighting, with the Iron Dome only succeeding to intercept 240 rockets. The terror groups in Gaza found that, “if shells are fired from areas close to the [Gaza] border, there is a weakness in the [Iron Dome’s] response,” the commander told Al Akhbar.

The terrorist groups also found that if more than 10 rockets are fired at once, the Iron Dome’s performance is also weakened – but that the rockets must be fired in a period of no longer than five minutes for this to work. They implemented this practice by launching “very heavy bursts of rockets – up to dozens of rockets in one burst – towards one target,” in order to allow one or two missiles to get past the Iron Dome and hit residential areas, he said.

The commander claimed that the success of this practice was reflected in the amount of damage and number of casualties caused by Gazan rockets in Israeli cities and towns…

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