Gift of the Torah

Jared Kushner gives Torah scroll to king of Bahrain, 2020

Credit:twitter/Avi Berkowitz

As more once-unfriendly nations reciprocate Israel’s gesture of friendship, we see the Jewish state being a “light unto the nations,” as the Bible says. And Israel’s friends are also spreading the light of God’s Word, in one case quite literally. The Times of Israel reports that on a visit which helped solidify the recent Israel-Bahrain peace deal, Jared Kushner presented the kingdom’s ruler with a Torah scroll:

Kushner, a senior adviser to US President Donald Trump, gave King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa the scroll on a visit to Bahrain earlier this month. During the visit, Kushner pushed the Gulf state to normalize ties with Israel, weeks after the neighboring United Arab Emirates said it would do so.

Trump announced on Friday that Bahrain will follow the UAE’s lead and establish diplomatic ties with Israel. Berkowitz posted the photo on Twitter as representatives from Israel, the UAE and Bahrain prepared for a Tuesday signing ceremony at the White House.

The Torah scroll presented to the king was “written in his honor,” Kushner said, and will be used in a synagogue in Bahrain…

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