Israel Says Thank You

Israel Says Thank You

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As Israel is the biblical homeland that God promised His people, it is thanks to Him that the Jewish state is alive and thriving today. But He has used Israel’s friends to help provide the security and prosperity that His people enjoy. Writing at Israel Hayom, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin emphasizes how vital America’s friendship was and still is for the Jewish state:

This friendship helped us contend with security and economic difficulties, and establish a thriving and prosperous country in the heart of the Middle East, a country that is the national homeland of the Jewish people, a Jewish and democratic state, a state that preserves its legacy and develops technology.

The State of Israel is certainly younger, but we are proud to share our fundamental values with the United States, values of liberalism, equality and of course, democracy.

It is good for the obvious to be stated, and even written, from time to time: The United States is Israel’s best friend and Israel’s strongest and most important ally.

This is also an opportunity to thank the American people for the years of economic, diplomatic and military support, and for their help with bearing the burden of defense. Thanks to the alliance between Israel and the United States, Israel today is an island of security and progress, which ensures stability and security throughout the region while making contributions to the entire world in the fields of cyber, medicine, agriculture, security and the economy.

To my delight, the deep bond between the countries is not a political connection. Republicans and Democrats, Right and Left, absolutely everyone believes in the deep connection between the countries, the common values and shared commitments.

It was just one year ago that we gathered for a ceremony to mark the relocation of the US Embassy to the State of Israel’s capital. The embassy’s relocation was a landmark event in which the entire world witnessed the strength of the ties between us.

We are grateful to President Trump for taking the step of a courageous leader.

This historical step is of deep-rooted significance in the heart of every Jerusalemite. For 3,000 years, the Jewish people maintained allegiance to Jerusalem. For 3,000 years, we prayed for Jerusalem, and ever since the establishment of the State Israel 71 years ago, Jerusalem has been our capital.

Jerusalem is the heart of the State of Israel’s sovereignty. Jerusalem is the home of the president of the State of Israel, Jerusalem is the home of the Israeli government, the home of the Knesset. Jerusalem is the home of the Supreme Court, and ever since President Trump’s decision, Jerusalem is also the home of the American Embassy…

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