Israel’s Rivlin Thanks Canada’s Trudeau for Battling Anti-Semitism, BDS

Israel’s Rivlin Thanks Canada’s Trudeau for Battling Anti-Semitism, BDS


The United States isn’t the Jewish state’s only ally in North America. While visiting Canada, Israel’s president noted that very fact. Israel Hayom reports that President Reuven Rivlin thanked Canadian premier Justin Trudeau for not only standing for Israel, but for standing with her against her many international foes:

Rivlin thanked Trudeau for fighting anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred, including the anti-Israel BDS movement, which the Canadian leader blasted in January.

“It’s not right to discriminate or to make someone feel unsafe on campus because of their religion, and unfortunately, the BDS movement is often linked to those kinds of frames,” he said.

Rivlin also mentioned the Canadian parliament’s decision to freeze its relations with Iran and to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization.

“Iran is leading the establishment of a Shiite axis in Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, and its actions are exacerbating Sunni-Shiite tensions. This could lead to regional escalation and threaten the whole world,” said the president, noting “the world cannot allow Iran to do this. The only way to halt Iran’s plans is by concerted international pressure and targeted military action whenever needed…”

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