Attacked for Speaking Hebrew

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Recently, a Stand for Israel writer pointed out that anti-Semitism isn’t just something that Jews face in the Middle East…anti-Jewish hatred is occurring at an alarming rate all around the world. Europe has long been a place where anti-Semitic acts of violence occur — from the pogroms of yesteryear to the Holocaust to today. And The Jerusalem Post reports that an Israeli student in Paris has been hospitalized after being beaten because of the tongue he speaks:

A 31-year-old Israeli student was attacked by two unknown individuals at a Paris metro station on Tuesday after he was heard speaking with his father on the phone in Hebrew.

The student boarded the metro at the Château d’Eau station, while two men who heard his conversation began shouting, cursing and threatening him. One of them proceeded to attack him until the Israeli lost his consciousness.

A passerby called an ambulance that transferred him to the hospital, while the two individuals fled the scene…

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