You Were Taken Too Swiftly, Too Painfully’

The Fellowship  |  March 19, 2018

Collage featuring a man, and then the same man pictured with two of his family members.
You Were Taken Too Swiftly

Today, the family of Adiel Kolman – father of four and beloved husband and son – laid him to rest after he was stabbed to death on Sunday in Jerusalem’s Old City. The Jerusalem Post’s Tovah Lazaroff reports on the heartbreaking eulogy that Adiel’s mother was forced to make at her son’s funeral:

“My dear Adiel. It’s 2 a.m. What am I doing here in Kochav HaShachar, with a righteous family that is hosting us in our pain.

“Adiel, on the way [to the hospital], in the taxi, I thought of the eulogy even though they had not yet told me you had died. I felt that your energy was gone,” Yael said.

The body of her son, 32-years-old and a father of four small children, lay in front of her, stretched out on a table and wrapped in a white and black prayer shawl.

“What can I say of such a righteous person who dealt with such difficult things and overcame them?” Yael said.

“Lately, you had taken to calling me a lot and saying, ‘Mamush, what’s going on. Walla, things are not bad with me,” recalled Yael.

Her son’s nickname when he was born was “Tachshit,” a jewel, said Yael. “You were our jewel. We were close to your heart for years, but now they have taken your heart. We would have wanted to be with you for longer, we always want those things that are good, it is never enough,” Yael said.

“God gave to us and God took from us. This was your exact time to leave this world. You had finished your mission in this world and therefore God took you too quickly and too painfully,” Yael said…