Why Is the UN So Biased Against Israel?

Stand for Israel  |  August 5, 2019

United Nations General Assembly
United Nations General Assembly

Last week, Stand for Israel told you about the latest United Nations bias against Israel, which was perhaps even more ridiculous than the international body’s usual attacks on the Jewish state, as it laid blame for Palestinian women’s lack of rights on Israeli leadership instead of Palestinian leaders. Reporting for Arutz Sheva, Lital Shemesh takes a look at the U.N.’s ongoing anti-Israel prejudice:

The UN’s Economic and Social Council voted last week to condemn Israel – and Israel alone – as the only country in the world that violates women’s rights. The resolution passed with 40 out of 54 member-countries backing the move, including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, the most notorious violators of women’s rights.

Nothing was said about the fact that millions of Arab women endure corporal punishment for the way they dress or behave; genital mutilation, honor murder, with this happening even in European countries and the US.

By contrast, Arab women in Israel enjoy access to education, jobs, and political freedoms of the type that any woman in any developed liberal democracy has come to expect.

Not many people around the world are aware of this, because the media conceals it from them, pushing the anti-Israel line instead.

The fact that this UN resolution is anti-Semitic goes without saying, but it is also an assault against oppressed women in Arab countries who continue to suffer, away from the world’s attention because everyone in the civilized world is so busy condemning Israel.