‘We Know What the Iranians Are Capable Of’

Stand for Israel  |  April 16, 2019

Three people discussing on a construction site.

This week, America’s expert on counterterrorism, Nathan Sales, visited the Holy Land to see just what Israel faces in the way of terrorism. Ynet News’ Itamar Eichner tells us that Sales not only blamed Iran for the dreadful security situation, but expressed “amazement” at how Hamas has invested in terror activities:

Following President Donald Trump’s designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as an international terror organization, they have become “‘radioactive”, Sales said. He added, ‘anyone doing business with them will be suspected of funding terror’, thereby dealing the organization a massive blow.

‘We know what the Iranians are capable of”, Sales said, expressing the hope that countries considering conducting business with the Islamic republic, will decide against it.

On a visit to Israel’s south, Sales was briefed on the current threats Israel is facing from the Gaza Strip. “I was amazed at the resources Hamas is investing in terror activity against Israel,” Sales said, noting these are at the expense of investments in health, education and housing all needed to improve civilian lives.

Israeli officials also briefed the US envoy on the presence of ISIS in the Sinai which is a source of concern for the US as well as Israel. “ISIS in the Sinai is a threat to Egypt the region and beyond” Sales said and warned of a danger to Israel if violence spills over…

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