‘We Choose Life’

Stand for Israel  |  May 21, 2019

Four years ago, Adva Biton experienced the cruelest of fates — the death of her precious daughter Adele, who had been critically injured and left in a disabled state because of an attack by a stone-throwing terrorist. But now, our friends at Algemeiner tell us, Adva and her family have welcomed a miracle — a new daughter born on the birthday she now shares with her late big sister:

An Israeli mother whose baby died following a terrorist attack four years ago gave birth on Sunday on the same date as her late daughter was born.

Adele Biton was only an infant after she was critically wounded in a stone-throwing incident in the West Bank. She later died of complications from pneumonia.

According to Hebrew news site Mako, her mother Adva said that after her new baby was born, “I am a believer, and hidden are the ways of God that things have come together on the same date, but together with that I believe that the new baby has also come with a mission of great light.”

“It’s a whole mix of emotions,” she said of her reaction to the event. “Its exciting and chilling, but I don’t take it to a place of reincarnation.”

“Just as we live with the loss 24/7, we choose live and continue to bring life into the world,” Adva continued. “We live the loss and the pain and we know how to live with it. We haven’t gotten used to it, but it’s with us and always will be with us…”

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